A Fresh New Voice In Hawaiian Music

Leihuanani released her debut single, “Lei Ana Maunakea I Ke Aloha ‘Oia‘i‘o” in 2019, and is working on her first full album right now. We invite you to sample her talent by watching the video below.


Lei Ana Maunakea I Ke Aloha ‘Oia‘i‘o

“Lei Ana Maunakea I Ke Aloha ‘Oia‘i‘o” is Leihuanani's debut single. It is a tribute to the kia‘i (protectors) of Maunakea. Co-composed by Keola Donaghy and Leihuanani, it features the instrumental talents of Kenneth Makuakāne (guitar and ‘ukulele) and James “Hutch” Hutchinson  (of Bonnie Raitt's band) on bass.